Our curriculum presents students with the same opportunities to succeed as found in our local public school districts. Our faculty strives daily to meet students’ individual learning needs. Our academics follow new Common Core standards applied for all grades. We are able to provide daily religious instruction within a faith culture.

Our teachers are professionally certified, many have masters level education and above. We have in-school professional development that is required weekly. At St. Mary of the Woods School, we provide a safe and secure environment with an electronic monitor system. Our EXPLORE (pre-ACT), ACRE, and ITBS Scores are above the national average.

Our school uniform policy serves to increase self-discipline. We have the ability to have on-going differentiation of instruction to meet child’s learning needs. This is also addressed because of our smaller class sizes, providing more opportunity for one on one interaction. We have our preschool through eighth grade under one roof.

At St. Mary of the Woods School:

  • Every grade has a Physical Education course.
  • The music curriculum is presented in kindergarten through fourth grade, with opportunity for private lessons.
  • We offer art education classes.
  • Our computer classes include typing skills and many other opportunities for kindergarten through eighth grade.
  • Our Media Center provides multiple computer stations, with mixed media.
  • We have a fully equipped state-of-the-art computer lab. We recently just added a traveling iPad cart that goes from classroom to classroom as needed.
  • We are able to offer an accelerated reading program.
  • We have an academic team that competes regional and on a state-wide level.
  • We promote a culture of doing your best and helping others to achieve their own personal success.
  • We have several of the same resources as other schools in our area.